Heat Insulation


Slag basalt wool under GOST 4640-93 represents a layer of entangled staple fibers that are obtained by the melting of rocks fastened together by natural adhesion forces. It serves as raw material for manufacture of quilt insulation (according to GOST 21880-93), as well as for mats, laggings, sandwich panels etc.

Heat Insulation

Due to the length of basalt fiber, its special weaving, laying and natural adhesion forces basalt wool does not require tying. That’s why basalt wool may be used as self-consistent type of heat insulation.

Heat Insulation

Slag basalt wool is used for:

  • heat insulation of buildings and constructions;
  • widespread use in constructional engineering;
  • shipbuilding, aircraft industry, rocket production;
  • metallurgy;
  • various other areas.
Heat Insulation

Slag basalt wool is new advanced type of heat insulating material. This product features such specifications as:

  • heat conductance – 0.038 – 0.041 W/m*K;
  • operating temperature up to 700°C, for a short time – up to 900°C;
  • absence of organic substances.

High performance of basalt wool makes it irreplaceable for such important industries as manufacture of submarines, ships, space vehicles. Russian enterprises successfully mastered production of basalt-based mineral wool. In addition to other advantages this heat insulation is very cheap and suitable for all industries with energy saving priority.

Heat Insulation


Heat insulating and soundproof quilt basalt mats MPB are made of basalt mineral wool (GOST 4640-93). Mats are manufactured of fiber materials quilted with thread, in different lagging types. Depending on lagging material operating temperature of mats varies between -120°C and 700°C.

 Heat Insulation

Mats are used as heat insulation and sound absorbing material for equipment, devices and pipelines with temperature of insulated surfaces up to 700°C.

Heat insulating basalt mats are used for:

  • civil and industrial construction;
  • Heat and Power Plants, Atomic Power Stations;
  • petroleum refining industry;
  • has- and oil-pipelines;
  • shipbuilding, aircraft industry, rocket production;
  • metallurgy;
  • light industry.

Advantages of basalt wool sound absorbing materials:

  • environment-friendly product in the form of natural basalt;
  • free of organic binders, carcinogens and toxic agents (most of heat insulating materials used today contain phenol-formaldehyde resins; on 15.06.2004 International Agency for Research of Cancer defined formaldehyde as substance inducing cancer;
  • mats are resistant to high temperature and temperature cycles; they retain their properties and geometric form;
  • high thermal resistance, no combustibility, operating temperature of –180°C to +700°C, depending on lagging materials;
  • high chemical resistance to alkali and acids;
  • highest noise absorption factor; one of insulating materials used in rockets and submarines;
  • mats are resistant to vibration unlike traditional mineral wool and fiber glass products that are destroyed due to vibration;
  • endurance is 5 times higher as with traditional slag wool and fiber glass.

Production of “SK TIKAM”, LLC is certified. Epidemiological review confirms ecological safety of products. Fire security certificate confirms non combustibility and high temperature resistance of products.

 Heat Insulation
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