ООО «СК Тикам»


Company background

Construction Company “TIKAM” offers a whole range of services in the field of installation of insulation and ventilation systems for both industrial and civil construction.

Since the beginning of its work in 2002 the company is known as a reliable and highly professional partner. The customers of “SK-TIKAM” today include both small private firms and real industrial giants of Ural area. During this time the works on installation of ventilation and insulation systems have been carried out on objects of different functions and levels of difficulty: trunk pipelines, industrial workshops, process equipment, shopping malls, hangars, residential buildings etc. All works are executed in accordance with all technical rules. Required licenses and normative documents are available. Up-to-date technical basis, professionalism and experience of our employees guarantee the highest quality of our work.

Multi-purpose character of our enterprise lies in the wide scope of performed works, which are accomplished in most short terms owing to our own production facilities.

Today “SK-TIKAM” is a company with branched structure of specialized subdivisions, including basaltic heat insulation shop, thin sheet steel ducts shop, heavy insulation shop, energy audit laboratory, installation teams and transportation department.

Another part of our company’s activities is sale of materials and equipment of our own production. Our main products include:

  • basalt quilts (heat insulation);
  • air ducts made of galvanized, black or stainless steel (ventilation).

All our products are of high quality due to the strict and constant control over compliance to the standards and specifications during production cycle. The products comply with specifications and have all required certificates.
Besides, our company sells materials and equipment by other manufacturers for all construction activities.

Our company supplies its products even to the regions far away from Perm Krai. “SK-TIKAM” products are well known in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Samara Oblast, in Primorsky and Altai Krai, and in other regions.

High professionalism, striving for development and perfection, many-sided approach to work made a small shop grow into a prosperous enterprise.

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