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Energy audit

We provide services of heat imaging control, heat insulation, and non-destructive diagnostics of industrial equipment. Today we are one of the few companies using heat imaging diagnostics — rather new and cost-effective method of non-destructive control. Integrated heat survey is highly effective method to obtain information on actual state of electrical equipment. The advantage of this method is that the survey is performed on operating equipment, thus excluding expenses for equipment shutdown and restart. Timely trouble-shooting provides cost advantage due to the prevention of emergencies and maintenance of equipment. Our aim is to provide our customers with complete, authentic and timely information on the status of inspected equipment, to give precise recommendations concerning time and methods of solving problems.

Energy audit

Surveying of electrical equipment state enables the solution of multiple aims during electrical equipment operation:

  • higher safety level of the equipment operated;
  • reliable performance of equipment;
  • reducing (or total elimination) emergency shutdowns (downtime);
  • shorter overhauls;
  • longer overhaul periods;
  • change of maintenance and repair system from periodic maintenance to the one based on the technical state that is more cost-effective.
Energy audit

Following the survey we provide our customers with:

  • report on electrical equipment state; it is updated within the framework of long-term cooperation;
  • classification of defects according to accident rate in compliance of “Extent and standards for testing of electrical equipment”;
  • fault report listing all detected defects for repairs and maintenance with recommendations concerning deadlines and scope of repair.
Energy audit

Our process is organized as follows:

  • confirmation of time and scope of works;
  • submission by the customer of specifications and design documentation for the equipment to be surveyed;
  • visit of our technicians of the customer’s premises;
  • performance of heat imaging inspection of equipment during operation (without shutdown);
  • data analysis and status evaluation.

The only thing required from the customer during this diagnostics survey is attendance of its representative (electrician or duty operator).

Energy audit

The works are performed by our technicians certified in accordance with international requirements for non-destructive control; the most modern state-of-the-art equipment is being used. “SK-TIKAM” has legal base and specifications to perform its activities. Calculations to define technical state are performed by highly knowledgeable specialists by means of up-to-date methods, sci-tech developments and computers.

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